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Is your food making you sick?

Have you tried treatments, medications, elimination diets, and other methods just trying to feel better? 

Maybe your story sounds something like this...

"I feel bloated and fatigue after eating. I have to know where the closest restroom is every time I eat out in fear of diarrhea."


"Headaches/migraines are a regular part of my life...that I want to get rid of! I am tired of taking meds and trying to change my diet with no results."


"I've tried small meals and sitting upright, but the heartburn isn't going away."


"I/my child has such brain fog, difficulty focusing, and poor energy, even a poor appetite."

Research has shown that sensitivities to food and food chemicals can be involved in a variety of symptoms and health conditions.

Even foods commonly labeled as 'healthy' or 'anti-inflammatory' can cause symptoms and inflammation in some people.

These are a few common conditions that may be related food sensitivities-

Healing can be easier than you think!

But how?

Using a simple, yet powerful blood test that looks at a combination of 170 foods, food chemicals, and food dyes. 
With the MRT® blood test and LEAP diet protocol, you can learn what foods and food-chemicals to stay away from, but also which foods are best for YOU!
Imagine knowing which foods to eat comfortably, and which foods will trigger symptoms.

Sample Results

(for fruit)

Need to see it, to believe it?  I did too!

 Just by changing the food I ate, my mid-section shrank down and is much more comfortable! 

My fingers and hands are not puffy anymore!

As a healthcare professional, I tried to find the successful treatment for my IBS for many years. I eliminated certain foods, which would help for a while, then the diarrhea, bloating, and fatigue would come back. My GI doc gave me some meds, but I knew that was only a bandage for the actual problem. I got to the point of not only having gut issues, but started to have regular headaches and ringing ears. I was eating foods that were 'healthy' and being active too, but was carrying around extra 10lbs that wouldn't go away; I felt puffy. 

I found MRT/LEAP and it changed my life! I don't have to worry about where the closest bathroom is after I eat. I feel so much better- more energy, no headaches or ringing ears, sleeping better, happier...and 10lbs lighter :)

I feel like I have control of my life again!

"I will admit, I was skeptical of the food sensitivity testing at first. But, I was tired of feeling bad and taking medications that didn't always help.

Since starting MRT/LEAP I have lost over 15 pounds, lowered my cholesterol, and my colitis has improved so much!

Hilary was creative to make sure the plan worked for our busy schedule and still gave results. My wife also worked with her. She lost weight and doesn't have chronic headaches like she used to. We are so thankful!"


"My 6 year old was told by an allergist at a large children's hospital that she has a wheat or gluten sensitivity. A dermatologist diagnosed keratosis pilaris. My 'mom gut' told me there was more to it. She frequently had diarrhea and stomach aches since she was a toddler. Her skin was full of bumps and redness. She has always been a smart, friendly girl but lacked luster and energy. I would get reports from the school that she was in the nurses office not feeling well with head & tummy aches at least 2x/week.

 At 2-3 weeks into MRT/LEAP we noticed a big change! Here we are, 2 months in, and have a whole new child. She is vibrant and full of energy. She is interested in so much more, she is playful, and gets excited like a six year old should! Her skin is so much better- bumps and redness are a thing of the past. Bathroom breaks are not stressful. I have not heard from the school nurse in weeks. My daughter feels so well, she freely passes on foods she used to love, knowing they were the culprit to feeling bad. I write this with tears in my eyes. This has been a life changer!"

This program is for you if you…
  • Want to stop guessing what foods are making you sick

  • Are tired of dealing with headaches/migraines, bloating, diarrhea, IBS-symptoms, skin issues, or joint pain and think food may be part of the problem

  • Are motivated enough to change your diet so you can feel better

  • You want to take control of your health without supplements or medications that may be bandaging your symptoms

  • Don’t give up easily (even if things get difficult), knowing this could help you long-term

  • Are willing to pay attention to how your body feels before & after eating

  • Have experience cooking, are willing to learn, or have someone who can cook for you

This program is NOT for you if you...
  • Don’t see the value in investing in your own health.

  • Think your diet has nothing to do with your health problems

  • Are unwilling to give up any particular food for at least 2 weeks (if you test reactive to a favorite food, can you live without it for a while?)

  • Rely on packaged foods and take-out daily and are unable to cook (or are unwilling to have someone cook for you)

  • Don’t want to take the time or interest in trying new foods or recipes

What the program includes...
  • Mediator Release Test (MRT) of 170 foods and food chemicals

  • The lab kit will be provided to you (or shipped to your home). I can help you find a lab or phlebotomist to perform the blood draw.

  • Pre-paid FedEx Express shipping to guarantee your test kit arrives to the lab on-time and we get results within 8-10 days

  • MRT results and manual that provides in-depth info on reactive foods/chemicals, basic recipes, shopping tips, menu planners, restaurant survival guide, common sources of chemicals/additives, and more

  • Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes) Review results, discuss key dietary changes, and plan meals to start Phase 1 of your LEAP diet. This includes a week of breakfast, lunch, supper, & snack ideas so you know just what to eat!

  • Consult 2 (30-60 minutes; 7-10 days after starting Phase 1) The first week is a period full of learning and transition. It is common to have many questions, so I will answer those, review your progress, and give guidance to move forward. We’ll also plan which foods are safe to include in Phase 2 of your eating plan.

  • Consult 3 & 4 (30-60 minutes each; spaced 1-2 weeks apart) By this point, clients often notice symptoms have improved significantly, the diet is less strict, and you may start testing the waters by adding new foods. We’ll discuss which foods to include in Phases 3-5, and plan your transition back to a more “normal” way of eating. 

  • Consult 5 (30-60 minutes; typically 6-7 weeks after starting your diet) Commonly by now, symptoms are a thing of the past. At this time you will learn about and implement Phase 6 which is the most inclusive portion. Using this 'rotation diet' is important to help prevent new food sensitivities. 

  • E-mail/messaging support between appointments. To assure success, it is important to be aware of the food you eat and your symptoms. If you have questions or concerns about foods or symptoms between appointments, I am here for you!

*Some labs may charge a fee to draw your blood. Any fees associated with getting blood drawn are the responsibility of the client.

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